Sun Lovers Mist by the Ageless Secret is an incredible product.  I am so impressed by its effectiveness and the fact that it has such a low price.  Don’t think it does not work, because it does.   I am very fair and burn in the sun like a piece of bacon.   I go to the Vintage Swap meets twice a month looking for Vintage finds for my jewelry.   I  always wear a hat and  a long sleeve T shirt and sunscreen.    Some days it is so hot, I almost go crazy being so covered up.

This last week end, it was in the 90’s and I decided to wear a tank top.  The thought of long sleeves was more than I could tolerate.   I applied my sunscreen before I left the house.   I put on my hat and went to the swap meet.  Keep in mind we are on black top, which makes it even hotter.   Throughout the day, I applied my Sun Lovers Mist.  Misting my face, arms, shoulders, legs and hands.  I did this every hour or so.    We were in the sun a good 5 or 6 hours.    I did not get burned anywhere.  Not at all.  I was a little darker as in a faint tan, but no burning at all.

I could not believe it.   The Sun Lovers Mist is very hydrating and this helps keep your skin safe in the sun.   It is small enough to carry in your purse or keep in a fannie pack.  Just take it out and spray throughout your time in the sun.  It is also excellent for extra hydration and for men after shaving.  It is a way to hydrate the skin without using chemicals.

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